TAlleynted Creations loves to create and inspire young minds being a mom herself she wants to not only inspire her son but others to take that leap and follow your dreams.Never Give Up! I'm here for you!

My Dreams for TAlleynted Creations is not only to provide for my family and bloom but to inspire kids with the love of art in many different ways and how art can be a career not just a hobby.

Please feel free to read my blog and or short story

Handmade gifts made with love in East TN.


Time to make room for new products. SALE!! 

Bundled Up

Each Bundle I created is like a gift set that will be... 


Stickers are always fun either adding them to a sticker book, laptop... 

Each piece is unique.

TAlleynted Creations not only makes each piece have its own story but makes each pieces from the heart.

Make one of her storys yours....


Our Other Family Business

Please take time to check out the other side of our family business, Creek Life Lure Co. Specializing in what we proudly call Creek Finesse Baits, our family-run company is more than just a business; it's a manifestation of our enduring passion for the art of angling in tranquil creek settings.

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